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The Lutheran Cemetery for the community of Pierce is located on our church campus, just east of the church.  The west half of the cemetery belongs to St . John's, while the east half of the cemetery belongs to our daughter congregation Zion Lutheran Church in Pierce.

Below are the cemetery records for St. John's.  The table lists each person buried (or who owns a plot) in our cemetery.  Listed for each individual is date of birth, date of death, plot location, plus any other miscellaneous information that we may have about the individual. 


The St. John's portion of the cemetery has been divided into a north section and a south section.  There are row markers going down the center of the cemetery numbering each row for both sections.  Rows are numbered:

N1 = North Row 1

N2 = North Row 2


S1 = South Row 1

S2 = South Row 2


The plot number can be found by going to the proper row, and then following that row either north or south, starting at plot #1, until you find the plot number you are seeking.  

If you would like to download a copy of these cemetery records, please click Here.

Plot Examples:

N4 - 08  =  North Row #4, Plot #8              

S2 - 03  =  South Row #2, Plot #3                



W/o = Wife of              

S/o = Son of

D/o = Daughter of


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